About the FREAK!

Wandering aimlessly

Love traveling and exploring the unexplored? Well, then one of the fatal victims of the travel bug (who is currently in a coma and proudly spreading this contagious disease) can
Having bitten by the bug in 2011 (my first solo trip to Puri just after completing 10th), I never found an antidote to the dreadful poison injected by this ruthless bug. To be honest, I never searched! Now, I take immense pride in helping the bug gather more victims like me by sharing my travel stories.

A beautiful image of the Phang Nga Bay, Phuket, Thailand.

Extraordinary Experiences

No matter if you're a frequent traveler, or just confined to traveling in your holidays, my stories and travel guides will surely help you manage your leaves better.
Being a working professional (Yes, I do a mundane 10 to 7 job in the ITES industry) and a severe victim of the bug, I often find it difficult to pack my bags twice a year. 12 Casual leaves and 6 Earned Leaves are just not enough to please this merciless bug!!! Sad, but true!!!!
Still, I manage and explore the unknown and widen my horizons. Frankly speaking, I never leave an opportunity to pack my bags.
Follow my stories to learn the cheat codes to strategically manage the allotted leaves and sometimes club it with sick leaves, and plan a trip as frequently as possible. Lol!!!!!
Lucky Me!!!! My manager is well-aware of my incurable disease, and always approves my leave mails.

A complete travel fanatic - yes, that's me!! Follow my travel stories on 'Dreams Fulfilled' tab and Blogs, to travel virtually across the world. Also, I frequently share tips on how to get the best travel gears and equipment to help budget-travelers like me get value for money deals online! So, don't forget to tune in to my 'Products I Use' page.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Travel - A Detailed Insight #StayHome #StaySafe

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel seems to have developed an ever-lasting enmity. Get a deep insight into the current scenario and take a well-informed decision.

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